​​Epoxy Rebar and All-Thread Anchor Rod Chemical Anchorage:

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Provide Deputy Epoxy Inspectors for structural chemical adhesive anchorage applications for 'Epoxy Dowels & Anchors' into Reinforced Concrete members as well as for those into Concrete Masonry Units (CMU).

Our team of knowledgeable and certified Deputy Building Inspectors (IBC, ICC, LADBS, LACDPW, Etc.), are competent to witness and verify proper installation procedures for such applications that are required per plans, building code, and specifications.


​Special Inspections are also offered for mechanical 'Wedge & Expansion' anchor installation & tension force torque test verification.​​​ We will help to ensure that all installations and materials satisfy the applicable sections of the governing building code as well as those of the material manufacturers approved installation instruction, thus keeping you in compliance.

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Epoxy Adhesive Structural Anchoring Deputy Special Inspection Services for Rebar Dowels & All-Thread Anchor Rods!

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